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Trim Saws
Trim Saws

Trim Saws

6" Faceter's Saw & Grinder

Trim Saw Features:
  • Cast aluminum table & tank
  • 1/2" Shaft with sealed ball bearings, greased for life

You can mount a 6" diamond blade for sawing or a 6" x 1/2" grinding wheel for grinding gemstones. Adjustable guard fits both grinding wheel and blade. It's easy to interchange blade or wheel. Unit required a 1/4 or 1/3 HP motor (not included). Saw comes with instructions and guarantee. Shipping weight 12 lbs.

Model No. 496FGS -- 6" Trim Saw & Grinder less blade & wheel.

$ 266.00

Model No. TSV695 -- Slab Vise to fit saw unit above. Shipping weight 2 lbs.

$ 36.50

Mounted 6" Saw and Grinder

The #497 mounted 6” saw and grinder comes complete with 1/3 hp motor, switch cord, 6” Covington Double-Charged Diamond Blade and a 100 grit 6” x 1/2” grinding wheel for grinding gemstones.  Adjustable guard fits both grinding wheel and blade. It's easy to interchange blade or wheel.  Saw comes with instructions and guarantee.  Motor shipped separately.  Size 13” x 8” x 9” Motor weight 16 lbs.

Model No. 497FSM -- 6" - 110V Mounted Saw
and Grinder
 Shipping weight 37 lbs.

$ 409.00

Model No. 4972FM -- 6" - 220V Mounted Saw 
and Grinder
 Shipping weight 37 lbs.

$ 451.00

6" Beginners Gem Shop

An inexpensive 6" unit which saws, grinds & polishes. Especially useful for those who already have a 1/4 or 1/3 HP, 110V, 1725 RPM motor.

This unit is the same as the No. 496 trim saw and grinder, but with a 6" diameter backing plate attachment. Saw table lifts out for grinding and blade/wheel safety guard adjusts for both sawing and grinding operations.

Comes with 6" Covington diamond blade, 6" x 1/2" silicon carbide grinding wheel, backing plate for sanding and polishing discs, sanding disc and leather polishing circle. Starter kit includes Koolerant, polish powder, brush, dop stick, dop wax, instructions and guarantee. Size: 11"L x 10"W x 8"H. Shipping weight 15 lbs.

Model No. 457BGS -- 6" Beginners Gem Shop

$ 375.00

TSV695 -- Slab Vise

$ 36.50

10" Trim Saw Kit

Kit includes 16" x 10 1/2" cast aluminum table, #13 x 5/8" R.H. arbor, blade guard and front shield. Arbor bolts to the inside of the box. comes with instructions and guarantee. You can order motor, pulleys, belts and blades elsewhere in this catalog. Refer to index for location and prices.

TSK 186 -- 10" Trim Saw Kit
Shipping weight 10 lbs. 

$ 175.00

Trim Saw Vise & Cross Feed

Complete Assembly for 1508 & 1510, 5008, and 5010 Saws.

 Vise jaws take a 3 3/4" high rock and will hold the work piece without blocks or shims. Cross feed will adjust up to 3 1/2" before stone must be repositioned in vise. The end of the cross arm shaft has a "no bind" roller bearing and hook which ensures a smooth feed and prevents rocks from "riding up" the blade. Parts include vise assemble, cross arm shaft, cross feed and knob, weight feed cord and scales.

TSV159 -- Trim Saw Vise and Cross Feed
Shipping weight 6 lbs. 

$ 145.00

8" & 10" Trim Saws
Model No. 1510 with Power Feed

A Clean Operating Saw Ideal for Trimming Rocks, Minerals and Glass

  • Cast aluminum table top & tank
  • 3 3/4" Roller bearing slab vise with bull dog grip
  • Accurate cross feed adjustment
  • Hold down hook keeps rock from climbing blade
  • Adjustable blade guard
  • Motor (included)
  • Power feed (optional

Bull dog grip vise holds all rock shapes and swings back out of the way for hand trimming. Cross feed slabs for 3 1/2". Just pull the vise back and set to scale to get the slab thickness you want. Hold down hook (patent pending) runs under table top so rock can't climb the blade or jam. Front shield protects operator from cutting waste.

Arbor has 5/8" diameter steel shaft. Ball bearing assembly has grit slinger to protect precision bearings. Twin drains allow quick and easy cleaning of Koolerant sump. Piggy back motor mounts directly on back tank casting. Unit rests on rubber cushions for quiet operation.

For units without power feed, accessories include nylon weight feed cord and scales (to determine weight on vise feed). All units come assembled with operating instructions and guarantee. Size 19"L x 14"W x 13"H. Shipping weight 30 lbs., 35 lbs. with power feed (Motor sold and shipped separately).

MODEL# Motor Weight Feed POWER FEED 16" x 24" Base HOOD COMPLETE
1508TS 110V, 60Hz
$ 745.00
$ 870.00
$ 52.50
$ 99.00
$ 970.00
15082S 220V, 50Hz
$ 787.00
$ 912.00
$ 52.50
$ 99.00
$ 1,012.00
1510TS 110V, 60Hz
$ 760.00
$ 885.00
$ 52.50
$ 99.00
$ 995.00
15102S 220V, 50Hz
$ 802.00
$ 927.00
$ 52.50
$ 99.00
$ 1037.00
TSH164 -- Clear molded Plexiglas hood for use with the above saws. Roomy hand holes in each side allow plenty of room for free cutting movement. Hood fits inside trim saw table edge and simply sets in place. No holes to drill. Shipping weight 8 lbs.  $ 99.00
MTR282 -- 1/3 HP, 110V, H.D. Motor with switch, pulley and belt for use with above saws. Shipping weight 60 lbs. $ 154.500
MTR409 -- 1/3 HP, 122V, H.D. Motor with switch, pulley and belt for use with above saws. Shipping weight 60 lbs. $ 215.00
CPF150 -- Deluxe Power Feed with over-running clutch and cut-off switch for the above models. Shipping weight 33 lbs. $ 157.50

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